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****2020-21 INDOOR LEAGUE*****


Week 5 Results posted (01/17/2021 - 6:15am)

FINAL REGULAR SEASON Results are Posted <<<HERE>>>



We ended up with (20) teams for this session.  Teams can play up to (3) games each week for this session.  This is due to all the teams requiring a week 1 bye for the state tourney and the number of full league byes due to scheduling conflicts with the dome.

The league will be scheduled as (1) division for the regular season and broken up into (2) divisions for playoffs.  All teams make the playoffs.

Rosters close after week 1.  This means you cannot change teams after the final game is played on week 1 or week 2 if your team had a week (1) bye.  You can continue to pick up players whom have not played for any other team this session.  I will look at both the roster and Covid release form to verify a players status.


Things to be aware of –

  • As with our previous Spring and Fall Leagues, anyone entering the dome will be required to have their temperature taken and sign the Roster AND Covid Release form.
  • Fans will be allowed (for now) but are asked to social distance, ARE REQUIRED TO WEAR A MASK and will NOT BE ALLOWED ON THE TEAMS SIDELINES!!  This got bad towards the end of the Fall League and I have been asked to clean it up.  If it becomes a problem fans will not be allowed – It’s up to all of you.  If you are asked to put a mask on or to move to a different location to watch, please don’t take it personal – I’m just trying to follow the rules and keep everyone safe. Please be patient and cooperative – I THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.
  • If you have not registered with the Dome you are required to do so, here’s the link - 
  • League fees must be paid in full ($585) by Sunday, if you have issues with this let me know.
  • The schedule is set for this week and the balance will be posted next week.  Remember we have no league games on Sunday November 15 and November 22.
  • If for any reason your team is not going to show up and you don’t contact me no later than 6pm on the Saturday night before, you will be held responsible for THE REF FEES FOR BOTH TEAMS OF ALL THE GAMES YOU PLAY THAT DAY!
  • Teams should check both the Facebook page ( and/or our league website ( each Saturday to ensure there have not been any schedule changes.  I try to get those out early in the week when possible.

Contact me via email if you have any questions –




**2020 FALL LEAGUE ***
10/19/2020 – 5:00AM
Click <<HERE>> for the complete bracket

REMINDER Daylight savings time begins this week so turn your clocks BACK one hour this Saturday night!! (you get an extra hour of sleep)
PLEASE NOTE: We are starting at 8:00am on the INDOOR FIELDS ONLY AND 8:30am on the OUTSIDE FIELDS. The finals for both divisions will be played OUTSIDE due to a conflict with a soccer game at 10:30AM. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Check the schedule carefully and make sure of your game time!!!
Also, For the first time since we've used this format we had a 4-way tie right at the division breaking point. Mountain Goats, Ducks, Ohio Bears and WIldcats all tied at 5-5. The following tie-breakers were used - 1) Head-to-Head Record - Mountain Goats held this tie-breaker and Wildcats were last. 2) Point differential had to be used to separate the (2) remaining teams. The Ducks with a +6 held this tie-breaker over the Ohio Bears -31. --------------------------------------------------------
8:00am - Field A (Indoor) - #5 Mountain Goats (5-5) vs. #4 Punishers (3-7)
8:00am - Field B (Indoor) - #6 Ducks (5-5) vs. #3 Wolfpack (7-3)
9:00am - Field A (Indoor) - #1 21 Goats (10-0) vs. Winner Punishers/Mountain Goats
9:00am - Field B (Indoor) - #2 Gorillas (8-2) vs. Winner Wolfpack/Ducks ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
8:30am - Field D (OUTDOOR - #5 Crimson Dragons (2-8) vs. #4 LCD (2-8)
8:30am - Field C (OUTDOOR) - #6 Bomb Squad (1-9) vs. #3 Ohio Boyz (3-7)
9:30am - Field D (OUTDOOR) - #1 Ohio Bears (5-5) vs. Winner LCD/Crismson Dragons
9:30am - Field C (OUTDOOR) - #2 WIldcats (5-5) vs. Winner Ohio Boyz/Bomb Squad
1) All players must have their temperature taken and sign the COVID waiver every week. This is the same as it was for the last league. IF YOU ARE SICK, AND/OR FEEL SICK, AND/OR ARE PRESENTING ANY SYMPTOMS OF COVID – PLEASE STAY HOME!
2) All entry fees must be paid in full prior to the start of your first game.
3) Rosters are closed after week 1, meaning teams cannot change rosters BUT players can still sign that have not played for anyone. Roster limit is (20) and it is $20 to add an unsigned player after a team has played.
4) Teams WILL NOT have games inside and outside in the same week. I am working hard to assure everyone plays the same amount of games inside and out.
5) We will allow a limited number of fans to watch games. ALL FANS MUST HAVE THEIR TEMPERATURE TAKEN, MUST WEAR A MASK (inside and/or outside the Dome) AND WILL NOT BE ALLOWED BETWEEN THE FIELDS OR ON THE SIDELINES. Inside the Dome, Fans must remain behind the endzone in the small field nearest the front of the dome. Outside, fans must remain on the stone road between the fields and the Dome. All fans must also observe social distance guidelines – Period. If this gets out of hand, we will stop it and go back to the way it was for the Spring / Summer League. This is a safety issue that affects everyone.
6) All teams will play a (10) game regular Season. All teams will make the playoffs and be broken down into (2) divisions for playoffs (Upper/Lower) based on Regular season standings.
7) Remember that officials’ fees are $40 per game for this session. $30 if you end up with (2) officials for some reason.
Let me know if you have any questions –



***2020 WINTER INDOOR LEAGUE - Final Regular Season Results***

Playoffs are scheduled for This Sunday, May 1st.  ALL Teams qualify for the Playoffs. 


<<Upper Division Playoff Bracket>>

<<Lower Division Playoff Bracket>>

(02/24/2020 - 7:00am)







(12/23/19 - 6:30am)




2019 Indoor Holiday 5on5 Tournament - GAME TIMES


With (13) teams and No Clear Lower Division, This tournament will be a Single Division, 13 team, 3 game guarantee bracketed tournament. This is not a Triple elimination tournament. What this means is that teams that teams who lose their first round losers bracket game will get re-shuffled in the losers and continue on in the tournament until they lose their 3rd game. We have used this format before with a lot of success. I will post the complete bracket later this evening.

Winner to receive a team plaque and $1000 cash.

Please Note: with (13) teams it is nearly impossible to break teams into any kind of pool play situation. This type of format makes the most sense with the odd number of teams.

We have (2) teams traveling from a significant distance (Pittsburgh, Pa. & South Bend, In.). Both teams were given 9:00am games as a courtesy due to them traveling Sunday morning.

If anyone has any questions please let me know -



(FYI - Finals are scheduled for 12:30pm)


1) 8:00am, Field A – Ohio Legends vs. Primetime

2) 8:00am, Field B – Suburban Heroes vs. City Boyz

3) 8:00am, Field C – Gone Rogue vs. Regulators

4) 8:00am, Field D – Bomb Squad vs. Slumericans

5) 8:30am, Field C – Goodfelllas vs. Free Agents

6) 8:30am, Field A – Mud City vs. Winner game 1

7) 9:00am, Field B – Those Guys (Indiana) vs. Winner Game 2

8) 9:00 am, Field D – Winner Game 3 vs. Winner Game 4

9) 9:00 am, Field C – Pittsburgh All-Stars vs. Winner Game 5

EMAIL ME ( to enter!


Time: Games will be played starting at 8:00 am

 Entry Fee:

If you pay your entry fee by SUNDAY December 22 it is $300 and you will save $25!

After December 22, the fee is $325. I will take teams until Thursday December 26th.

 Ref Fees:  All Ref Fees are INCLUDED in Entry Fee

 Game Format: Men's 5 on 5

 Flags:  SONIC BOOM flags will be the only flags allowed.  If you need flags I will have them for sale at the fields for $5 apiece.  Please let me know I advance if you need flags.

Tournament Format:  (3) game min. pool play - Top teams advance to single elimination playoff.  Triple Elimination will be considered based upon entries.



 $75 per team CASH (less than (10) teams - UPPER DIVISION ONLY!! (+ Team Plaque)

 $100 per team CASH ((10) or more teams) - UPPER DIVISION ONLY!! (+ Team Plaque)

 Examples: 10 teams x $75 = $750,

 10 teams x $100 = $1000

 SONIC BOOM Flags will be used

 $50 per team CASH – MID/LOWER DIVISION ONLY!! ($325 min. award / $400 max. award)

 (Example 13 teams x $25 = $350)

 SONIC BOOM Flags will be used

 Location:  Rossford Soccer Dome (9300 Bass Pro Blvd, Perrysburg, OH 43551)

 To Enter:  Send me an email ( with your contact info, team name and division


Mark Kuhn

Owner / Director

Northwest Ohio Flag Football, LLC.






Complete Fall League Schedule and WEEKLY RESULTS are Posted <<<HERE>>>

FINAL Regular Season RESULTS POSTED - 10/14/19 - 6:45pm.



The standings incorrectly show the WILDCATS finishing in the 7th spot over the GORILLAS.  This is due to a glitch in my software.  This is only the 2nd time in the last 15 years this has happened.  

Without giving a long explanation, there was a 3 way tie for the 7th spot which is also the #1 seed for the Lower division.  The Tie was between the Gorillas, Wildcats and TDG Lions.  Of those teams only the Wildcats and Lions played each other - so none of the head-to-head tie breakers work.  The Tie-Breaker that should be used is OVERALL POINT DIFFERENTIAL.  My Software incorrectly used the Wildcats win over the Lions as the Tie-Breaker to put the Wildcats at the Top of the Tie-Breaker.  I cannot manually change it.

The seedings on the Brackets are correct.  The Gorillas do hold the tie-breaker to finish ahead of the Wildcats in the Lower Division.  I apologize for the confusion.






Team Plaque, T-Shirts PLUS $300 Cash **OR** PAID ENTRY into the 2020 Spring League AND 2020 Fall League.



Team Plaque, T-Shirts & $150 Cash **OR** Paid entry into EITHER the 2020 Spring League OR 2020 Fall League

***League entries are valued at $400 each


Link to Register online for the first INDOOR SESSION -

As noted before, we will be playing our indoor events this coming winter at the Soccer Centre Rossford Dome. This is located at 9300 Bass Pro Blvd, Perrysburg, OH 43551. This is not the same place we played at last year.

I will have more control over what happens with the indoor league compared to previous seasons. This should make things a lot better for league play.

I will have a link available to register online for the leagues very soon.

Below is the list of upcoming indoor events.


INDOOR LEAGUE 1 - Sun. Nov. 3,10,17, Dec. 8, and 15th - 8am-12pm
1) No games Nov. 24th due to tournament
2) No games Dec. 1st due to Thanksgiving Break
3) Playoffs to be played Dec. 22nd

Link to Register online for the first INDOOR SESSION -

You can also Email me with your intent to play
12/28/10 INDOOR 5on5 TOURNEY - Sunday. Dec. 29, 2019 10pm-5am
Email me to enter -
INDOOR LEAGUE 2 = Sun. Jan. 12,19,26, Feb. 2, and 16th - 8am-12pm
1) No games Feb. 9th due to soccer tournament
2) Playoffs to be played Feb. 23rd
INDOOR TOURNEY 3 - Date to be determined.
Email me to enter -

You can email me to enter any of these events. I will have more info in the coming days.