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2021 Toledo INDOOR Fall League

Current Results, Standings and Schedules

 Playoff Schedule for THIS COMING SUNDAY, December 26.


All teams over .500 are Upper others are Lower. If you team is NOT Coming on Sunday please let me know.


I want to apologize to all of those who aren't able to participate because of the actions of others on their teams. I'm saddened, disgusted, embarrassed, and pissed off about everything that happened yesterday. I worked hard to keep up the reputation of this league and yesterday completely destroyed all that. Thank you to everyone who has stood by our league over the years.



8:30AM Field A - #8 Momma’s Boiz vs. #9 Game Over

9:00AM Field A - #4 Lucas County Degenerates vs. #5 Vicious & Delicious

9:30AM Field A - #1 Mud City vs. Winner #8/#9

9:00AM Field B - #3 21 Goats vs. #6 Young Guns

9:30AM Field B - #2 Honey Badgers vs. #7 Punishers


9:00AM Field C - #4 Toon Squad vs. #5 Ducks

9:30AM Field C - #1 Greyhounds vs. #8 Fastrack Mafia

9:00AM Field D - #3 Jeep Gladiators vs. #6 Wolfpack

9:30AM Field D - #2 Mountain Goats vs. #7 Akatsuki